Betting Company's task is to offer operational support services that can result
in an efficient launch of betting games from planning to implementation.

The basic objective of any betting business is to reach as wide a clientele as possible. Existing games can be adapted, and new games can be developed, according to local market requirements. Bet types and sporting events can be combined in custom-made product mixes for particular markets. Bets can be structured to any level of sophistication in events from international soccer and basketball to horse, greyhound and motor racing.

The combination of INTRALOT's "LOTOS" platform with software especially used by Betting Company, allows the display of data that facilitates precise decisions to be
made and thus assuring the growth of betting product turnover without jeopardizing profitability. The presence of Betting Company in numerous and diverse markets worldwide and the need to adapt each product to local requirements and different profit margins, has helped in the development of valuable international experience that assures a path of success for every Betting Company client.