Betting Company's task is to offer operational support services that can result
in an efficient launch of betting games from planning to implementation.

The core of Betting Company's business is the elimination of risk and safeguarding the profitability of fixed odds betting games. This is performed by undertaking the tasks of risk management, program development and odds compilation. These tasks are performed by a risk management team located at Betting Company headquarters.
The guidelines adopted for defining the odds and the program content are flexible and are dependent on profit margins, turnover requirements and competitiveness of each individual market. This team closely monitors the operations of an international bet acceptance centre; a continuation of the risk management process.
This trading centre tracks betting transactions in real time, identifying potential problems and taking action when necessary. This action can take the form of adjusting odds or block bet acceptance on any specific event, instantly, across the whole online retail network at any time and based on risk levels, high stakes can be accepted subject to negotiation.
Basic to all these actions is the principle that player's confidence in the product and the operator, is not jeopardised. Complimented by an international network of consultants providing constant updated information, the trading centre provides valuable input in Betting Company's risk management decisions.